25 August 2016

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The Brooking Society

A Society for all who are related to or are interested in the Brooking Family

The Brooking Society was founded in 1983 by a group of amateur genealogists who were researching their Brooking connections. It now has over 200 members in many different countries. The majority are in the U.K. but in particular there are many members in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand; others are in Brazil, South Africa, etc. etc.

The society pursues research into Brooking and related families, including Brooking variants such as Brookin, Brookins, Brookens, Brookings, Brookling, Brooklyn, Bruckin etc. The results are published in the society's journal, "The Brooking Family Historian" which is mailed free three times a year to all members.

The society possesses a large archive of Brooking material including more than 1200 family charts, photographs, and many other documents.

A reunion is held every year, In even years (e.g. 2014) a weekend long meeting is held in Devon, the heartland of the family. At such meetings the programme includes visits to places of Brooking interest, talks on Brooking history and the local area, a dinner, and of course the official Annual General Meeting at which officers report to the membership and elections are held for the committee. In odd years (e.g.2015) a one-day meeting is held usually outside Devon, this will also include talks and the A.G.M. We are fortunate in usually having overseas members present at our meetings.


U.K. Individual member £7.50
U.K. Family membership (members at one address) £9.00
U.K. Concessionary rates for students and senior citizens £6.00
Overseas membership (member/members at one address) £15.00

We regret that due to high currency conversion costs we require subscriptions to be paid in sterling. Payment on-line is also possible. Please apply to the Secretary for details.


Our Journal


Index Page



A film about Richard Walter Brookins (VAPM3) taking the part of St. NICK
in Wiltz, Luxembourg in December 1944 during World War II will be shown soon.
To learn more click on: TRAILER

The American St Nick


The Society also publishes booklets on persons of the wider family who have lived interesting lives.
The first one was on Charles Brooking, the marine painter, booklet illustrated below.
The second, on Robert Brooking, 1813-1893, missionary to Africa & Canada,
and a third on Walter Brookins, 1889-1953, the pioneering pilot.
They can now be ordered from the Secretary for £3.50 and p&p.

Available from May 2014 a new book:
Robert Somers Brooking by Thorsten Sjolin

A new biography of Robert Somers Brookings (1850-1932) written by Thorsten Sjölin
with contributions from Rosemary Brooking Sjölin and Tony Quinn, all Society members.
The book is hardback, 320 pages, lots of illustrations, many never published before,
400 end-notes and a comprehensive index.

Some reactions:
- I have just got to the end of the book and thoroughly enjoyed every page of it.
I would recommend the book to anyone and I do hope you have great success.”
“your wonderful book”
“your fabulous book arrived today and I am very impressed”.
“Your book is absolutely great. From the front cover to the back page
your team has given Robert Somers Brookings, Washington University,
the family of Asa A and Mary Wallace correct and due recognition.”

The price to UK members is £20 including p&p. Non-members £20 plus £3.20 p&p.

For American members (USA & Canada) contact Tony Quinn.
For other countries check p&p with Thorsten.
Order from Thorsten at thorsten.sjolin@btinternet.com

The Brooking Arms


This is one form of the Brooking Arms. These arms were used by Rear Admiral Samuel Brooking (1754-1834) though they were only officially granted to his kinsman John Savery Brooking in 1838, they may rightly be used only by John Savery Brooking's direct male descendants. The gold scallop shell above the crest is usually considered to be a symbol of pilgrimage, and the blue crescent there-in is often used as a mark of difference denoting that the bearer is a descendant of the original bearer. Other arms have been used by branches of the Brooking family, usually based on a similar shield with a different crest.


Notable Brooking family members

Click here to see the details of some well known family members.


Our Research Library & Archive
In 2000 we realised that there were many authors in the extended Brooking Family so we decided to start a collection of books by and about people with the name of Brooking and spelling variants like Brookings, Brookin etc.

Thanks to the Internet, the collection grew quite rapidly and now includes books from every continent. We still keep finding new books, but at a slower pace. A number of them are privately printed biographies and genealogies in small editions donated by members.

We also collect press cuttings, ephemera from various Brooking enterprises, print-outs from the Internet, magazines with articles related to Brookings and many other things. The aim is to create a Library and Archive that can be a source for future researchers.

We happily accept old photo albums (which find their way into our extensive Photographic Archive), diaries and autobiographies (printed, typed or hand-written) etc. from members.

New acquisitions to the Library are regularly reported in our journal and the Library and Archive are constant sources of information and inspiration.

If you know of books and material mentioned above please contact Thorsten Sjölin at:

To see a list of the items in the Research library Click here


'Brooking Geography'
Thorsten Sjölin has collected together 'Brooking' references from around the World.
To see the references
Click here


The 2017 Reunion will be on a Sunday in May
The reunion will be held at Marlow, Buckinghamshire.
More details to follow as they become available.


'The Brooking Collection'

To Quote:
"Charles Brooking has made a lifetime's study of historic architectural detail, with a particular focus
on the myriad variations in their fittings over the past five hundred years."

Click here to find out about THE BROOKING COLLECTION

Note: the Society visited THE BROOKING COLLECTION on 17 September 2011


Charles Brooking - Famous 18th. century Marine Artist Click here to find out about him.

To mark the 250th anniversary of the death of Charles Brooking and the 260th anniversary
of the death of his colleague Peter Monamy an exhibition of paintings by both artists,
some of which have never been shown before, was held at the St. Barbe Museum at Lymington,
Hants from 15 August to 17 October 2009.
The exhibition was accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue, written by leading experts
on Brooking & Monamy, with all paintings reproduced in colour. The catalogue is still available
from the St Barbe at a cost of £8 plus p&p.
The Brooking Society produced a booklet, illustrated in colour and b/w, with a lot of new information
about Charles Brooking and his family. It was sent free to all members, but is still available
to other interested parties at £3.50 plus p&p.

A plaque to commemorate the life of Charles Brooking can now be seen in the City of London,
in Tokenhouse Yard just behind the Bank of England.
The formal unveiling by the Lord Mayor of the City of London took place
on Monday 20th, October 2008.

The Charles Brooking Plaque

The Charles Brooking Booklet

Also: the Foundling Museum has a fine Charles Brooking painting in its picture gallery.

Our other booklets. Each available at £3.50, + p&p ... U.K. + £1.00, Europe + £3.00, Overseas + £3.50

Genealogical Information: (Frequently being updated).
The Brooking family is split into about 20 branches,
with each branch coming from a different village or town.
The links between the branches are conjectural, but DNA testing is helping to join the branches together.

The map shows where 9 branches arose.

Branches V, X & Y contain families living in the USA.
and Branch R contains families with the surname Brookens.


To see Surname Lists for the different branches
Click here


For details of families that have emigrated to Australia
Click here


And for details of families that have emigrated to Canada
Click here

To see a set of maps showing the distribution of 'BROOKING' and other families:

Click here to see the censuses for England & Wales.

Click here for the USA 1880 Census details.


The Brooking Society carried out a small genetic study among its members in 2002.
We tested subjects from 7 different branches - B, I, G, J, L, N, and S
The 2002 results are available
by clicking here.

Click here to see the full 2003 report.
The 2004 results,   the 2005 results,   the 2006 results,and the 2008 results.

The DACRES and OLIVIER familes
There is a tenuous link to the very interesting DACRES and OLIVIER families.
For details click on the image of Sir Laurence Olivier or Sir Richard James Dacres.


The Brooking Society is a member society of
Click here to link to their site.


Please contact the secretary for further information about membership,
Click here to contact Sally Topliss - the Secretary
(However,if you are uncertain about your 'Brooking' connection,)
(you may prefer to contact Ian Logan first.)

To submit e-mails and articles to the Journal,
Click here to contact John Brooking - the Journal Editor

And, contact the record keeper for information from the charts
or to comment about these pages.
Click here to contact Ian Logan - the Record Keeper